​ Customer: Wulguru Rail Maintenance        Project: GATX Wagon Re-Line   Background:  During a site visit, the team from Konnect Fastening Systems Townsville witnessed 100+ rolls of thermal blanket in use. Further discussions about the product highlighted some issues the customer was experiencing   The Goals: Offer an alternate thermal product that eliminated the customer’s issues of product brittleness and installer itchiness.    The Approach:  The Townsville team assessed the specifications of the current product and sourced suitable alternatives. Samples and costings of the Rhino Thermal Blanket were submitted to the customer for review.       The Results:  The Rhino Thermal Blanket provided a much firmer wrap with less compression More effective thermal break, with longer heat retention and a more consistent finish Cost benefits were realised in switching over.    Customer Testimonial: “The price was better, but above that the result was significantly better. It held its heat for longer giving us a better finish. The boys also mentioned it was less itchy.”Cec Dominguez – Procurement/Planning Officer Wulguru Rail Maintenance