Wulguru Rail Maintenance Partner with Konnect Fastening Systems for the GATX Wagon Re-Line

Customer: Wulguru Rail Maintenance


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Project: GATX Wagon Re-Line

  • During a site visit, the team from Konnect Fastening Systems Townsville witnessed 100+ rolls of thermal blanket in use. Further discussions about the product highlighted some issues the customer was experiencing
The Goals:
  • Offer an alternate thermal product that eliminated the customer’s issues of product brittleness and installer itchiness. 
The Approach: 
  • The Townsville team assessed the specifications of the current product and sourced suitable alternatives. Samples and costings of the Rhino Thermal Blanket were submitted to the customer for review. 
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The Results: 
  • The Rhino Thermal Blanket provided a much firmer wrap with less compression
  • More effective thermal break, with longer heat retention and a more consistent finish
  • Cost benefits were realised in switching over. 

Customer Testimonial: 

“The price was better, but above that the result was significantly better. It held its heat for longer giving us a better finish.
The boys also mentioned it was less itchy.”
Cec Dominguez – Procurement/Planning Officer
Wulguru Rail Maintenance